Save time, sell more

on one platform.

Learn how Cyclop can improve team communication. Increase productivity and reduce costs to drive growth.

Save time, sell more

on one platform.

Learn how Cyclop can improve lead and team communication. Increase productivity and reduce costs.

What's new at Cyclop?


Bring your sales, service and marketing teams together on our ONE platform.

Unlimited One CRM Platform

Simply get started time saving and sales solutions. No limitations on emails, texts or contacts.

More Appointments

Book leads into your calendar. Turn them into happy clients. Also, add automation to make life easy.

Learn how Cyclop products can help you save costs and time.

Learn how Cyclop products can help you save costs and time.

Small Business

Sell smarter and provide support faster in a single cloud app.


Close more deals and speed up growth our UNLIMITED ONE CRM.


Spend less on scaling services your customers love.

See all features.

Dive into the full range of Cyclop benefits.

Learn more about our solution to help you transform your team to improve communication and build pipelines, fast.

All sorts of features. All to help you grow.

What is CRM?

The technology to how you interact with your leads, clients and team. Customer Relationship Manager is used to improve communication and grow sales.


Cloud Software

Work from anywhere. Connect with your team on one platform. Improve communication and pipeline analytics.


Cyclop Platform Basics

ALL-IN-ONE | the functionality to replace 15+ sales and marketing tools.


Nurture Leads

Our platform is perfect to plug in your advertising, contact lists, and social media. Predictably follow-up.

See the world through your customers’ eyes.

Get a single, shared view of your leads and customers. With knowledge of your customers’ history, interests, and even frustrations, you can begin to serve up experiences better tailored to their needs and elevate how you interact with your audience.

Scale Your Business With Our UNLIMITED ONE PLATFORM


$97 /mo


  • 2 Way Text & Email
  • Web Chat
  • Reputation Management
  • Call Tracking
  • Text To Pay
  • Missed Call Text Back
  • One Conversation Thread
  • FB Messenger Integration
  • Import Contacts
  • Built-In Inbound & Outbound Calls


$247 /mo

All Lite Features and:

  • Calendar w/ Zoom Integration
  • CRM
  • Custom Sales Pipeline
  • Email Marketing
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Custom Fields
  • Blast Email
  • Analytics Dashboard


$297 /mo

All Plus Features and:

  • Drag & Drop Funnels
  • Drag & Drop Websites
  • Workflows
  • Custom Forms
  • Surveys
  • Trigger Links
  • All Reporting
  • Automation Triggers
  • Campaigns
  • Social Posting & Planner
  • Text or Email Invoices
  • Memberships

Empower Your Sales Team With ONE Platform.

Scaling is not an easy achievement, especially when you don’t have a streamline process. Your business may struggle to meet targets because of inefficiencies throughout your sales process.

Using Cyclop's UNLIMITED ONE Software, our clients streamline the sales process and are up and running in days.

Goal: NO LEAD falls through the cracks, and show you the secret to getting your prospects to say “I'm ready to buy” versus “let me think about it.”

Why Do You Need Us?

  • Responding to leads within the first minute increases conversions by 391%
  • 30% of your prospects will go to a competitor if you don’t respond quickly enough
  • After five minutes pass, the odds of connecting and qualifying with the lead drop 80%
  • Organizations that contact a lead within the first hour are 7X more likely to qualify the prospect than a 2-hour response
  • Sending emails at the right time can improve conversions by 53%

Scale Your Business With Cyclop

Spend 15 minutes with us and see for yourself why businesses trust the Cyclop Platform to scale!

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